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#16. The Stillness Under the Surface

1: We're flooding!!
2: Water is flooding in from the rear hatch!!
3: Dive!!
4: Diiiiiive!!
sfx: rattle
sfx: rumble x3

#16. The Stillness Under the Surface

sfx: rumble x5
1: Prepare the Kaiten crew!!
2: Gather them in the officer's room at once!!
3: Prepare for Kaiten battle!!
4: Bring elevation tables and flashlights!!

sfx: gweeeeeeee
sfx: click
sfx: kaboooom x2
1: Gwahh!!
sfx: clang x2
sfx: splooosh

1: Hurry!!
2: Get prepared for anything to happen!!
sfx: yank
3: Run!!
sfx: stomp x3
4: Ruuuuun!!
sfx: screech
sfx: gwoosh x3

sfx: kaboooom x2
1: Calm down...
2: We won't start the Kaiten battle just yet...
3: We're up against Grummans here.
4: And we can't fight aircraft with Kaiten...

1: We just heard a fifth explosion.
2: Which means we don't need to worry about any more bombs dropping...
3: There are five out there.
4: They can't stop in mid-air, so they'll go away eventually...
5: The problem is what happens after that...
6: They know where we are now.
7: Eventually, their battleships will arrive here...
8: And when that happens, we might be forced to begin a Kaiten battle.
9: Fully prepare yourselves, and be on standby...

1: We will emerge once in an hour.
2: We'll prepare and check the Kaiten as quickly as possible, then dive again.
3: Main tank blow!!
4: Stop diviiiing!!

sfx: pshooooo
sfx: fssh
sfx: sploosh
1: Kaiten crew members are to begin checking their vessels at once!!
2: All others are to inspect the ship for any damaaaage!!

1-2: twist
3-4: gnurp

1: How do things look?
2: I haven't found any damage yet.
3: What about you?
4: No problems on my end.
5: And it seems like all the other ones are fine too.
6: It's night...
7: We can't use the Kaiten periscope in the dark...
8: If they're going to send us out, they'll probably do it tomorrow morning...

1: Well that was unexpected. Looks like we got a chance for a sea attack...
2: before we even attempted an anchorage attack.
3: He told us to sleep and retain our energy until we encounter the enemy...
4: But I don't think there are many people who could sleep in a situation like this...
5: Are we going to go up once more before dawn?

1: There isn't a transport tower connected from the ship to my Kaiten.
2: In order for me to get in, we need to go up first so that I can go through the upper hatch.
3: Junior Lt. Ito is in the same situation...
4: Apparently, they didn't finish working on the ship in time for our departure...
5: gyoosh gyoosh gyoosh
6: I can hear a propeller...

sfx: gyoosh x3
sfx: flap x3

1: Hurry up and diiiive!!
2: We need a depth of 80 meterrrrs!!
sfx: brrrrring

sfx: gwoooosh
1-2: Everyone to your posts!
sfx: rattle
sfx: rumble
3-4: rattle
sfx: rumble

1: Depth 60!
2: All sectors, depth charge defense!!
sfx: rumble
3: Reception's improved!!
4: There are two ships, one on each side of us!!
5: Seems like they're destroyers!!
sfx: rumble
6: Depth charge defense?
7: But why?
8: Did they find us?
9: If they drop depth charges on us, we're finished...

1: All sectors, turn off your coolers and fans!
2: Minimize all noise within the ship!
sfx: fsssssh
sfx: whiiiirr x2
3-4: cooong

1-6: cooong

1-5: cooong


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