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#27. Will

#27. Will

1: Currently, the ship is 50 nautical miles in the northern end of Kossol Roads...
2: We've left the anchorage and are on standby 50m below the surface.
3: At 2 AM, we will go up to the surface.
4: At that point, you will board vessels #1 and #3, which have no transport tower connected to the ship.
5: From that point on, Junior Lt. Ito and 2nd Petty officer Watanabe, you will be alone within your Kaiten.
6: Next, the ship will dive back down...
7: and move to the firing point, at 10 nautical miles south of the entrance to Kossol Roads.

1: The Kaiten battle will begin at 4 AM that morning.
2: The enemy has a convoy of 10 transport ships and ships to protect them.
3: It's regrettable that there aren't any aircraft carriers or battleships present...
4: But we still have enough targets.
5: Now is our chance to show them the true power of the Kaiten Special Attack forces...
6: We must avenge the sacrifice of 2nd Petty Officer Sekiguchi.

1: Sekiguchi...
2: I'll be on your side soon now...
3: I promise to bring you good tidings...
4: And I when I do, I just hope you'll greet me with a smile.

1: Attention all crew members...
2: Tomorrow, we will begin our attack at last.
3: We don't have much time to say goodbye to each other, but let this banquet serve as our last farewell.
4: Please depart without any worries as to what will happen after your deaths...
5: I pray that you all succeed in making critical strikes.

1: Cheers!!

1: Junior Lt. Ito and 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe, now boarding our Kaiten!!
2: We leave the rest to you!!

1: clunk...

1: Senior Petty Officer Arimori, you will be on standby within the ship until the attack begins.
2: Yes sir.
3: This is the command tower.
4: We will now begin to dive.
5: The two men who have boarded their Kaitens will wait there until the operation begins.
6: We will not go back up until the operation is completed.

sfx: fsssh x7
1: Begin moving toward the firing point.
2: It will take us 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach our destination. Once we arrive, we will confirm the enemy's conditions and then immediately begin the operation.

1: Throw away yourself...
2: Just use every ounce of your strength to do everything you can...
3: Compared to this vast sea...
4: I'm so small and insignificant.
5: Perhaps the reason I'm here right now...
6: isn't even really because I decided to be...

1: You will become torpedoes with eyes...
2: and save our 3,000-year old empire from its crisis!!
3: They are called Kaiten.
4: Human torpedoes!
5: This is my destiny...
6: A destiny that was decided by a massive will...
sfx: rattle x4

1: Mom...
2: You've been ordered to go and die.
3: Live...

1: I can die...
2: if it means you'll live.
3: Live...
4: Watanabe...
5: Lieutenant...
6: Why won't you take me with you?
7: You should live...

1: Live...
2: Don't...
3: leave me behind...

1: We're arrived at the firing point.
2: Prepare for Kaiten battle.


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