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#35. Attention All Crew Members

1-4: shoor
5: Propeller noise again...
6-9: shoor
10: They're going to pass right over us any minute now...
11-13: shoor
14: They're gone...
15: Dammit... How many times does that make?
16: Are they just going to wait...
sfx: haaaa x2
17: until our battery runs out and we have to go up?

#35. Attention All Crew Members

1-2: fushooo
3-7: haa

1-3: haa
sfx: haaaaa....
sfx: drip...
4: Oxygen is getting thin...
5: Yeah...
sfx: drip x2

1-3: bzzzt... x3
sfx: bzz...
sfx: flash
4: Commander.
5: I switched over to our spare battery.
6: This battery doesn't work very well, and it's unstable.
7-8: haa
9: At this rate, we'll run out of electricity by morning.
10-11: haa

1: clink
2: It's almost been 24 hours...
3: If we run out of electricity, we'll never be able to go up again.
4: We only have about 5 or 6 hours left.
5-9: haa
10: Let's go up... commander...
11-16: haa

1: At this rate, we'll just been prolonging the inevitable...
2-4: haa
5: If we're going to go up, we should do it now, while the sky's still dark.
6: With the sun up, our disadvantages will be clear...
7: We'll just be sitting ducks for them.
8-11: haa
12: Not yet...
13: We still won't have a chance to escape if we go up now.
14: The enemy may be expecting for us to come up now, since it's night time...
15-16: haa
17: Which means we'll be playing right into their hand.

1: The enemy may not know our exact location yet.
2-5: haa
6: Or maybe there's some reason why they can't attack us right now...
7: Some reason? Like what?
8-11: haa
12: After all this, there's no way they haven't captured our position by now.
13: Then will we be able to escape if we stay down here!?
14: We use the motor instead of the engine while we're underwater.
15: We won't be able to shake them off with that motor...
16: Our only chance is to go up and escape at full speed!!

sfx: gyoosh x3
1: Reception 4... Reception 5...
2: They're getting closer...
3-6: gyoor
7: Depth charge defenses!
8-10: haa

1-9: haa
sfx: shoo x8
10-11: haaa...
sfx: shoo x5

1: They passed over us...
2-7: haa
8: Dammit...
9-10: haa
11: They're treating us just like children...
12: They know we can't do anything...
13: so they're smirking and playing hide-and-seek with us.

1: Let's go up... commander...
2: They won't see us.
3-4: haa
5: 2nd Petty Officer Sekiguchi is protecting us.
6: Please go up, commander!!
7: Let's go up and fight!!
8: I don't want to die like this!!
9: Let's show them how much guts we submariners have!!
10: If we're going to die, then please let us die fighting!!

1: Didn't you realize that this was going to happen when we went up to save 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe!?
2: We're soldiers!!
3: Please let us die as soldiers!!

1: Let's kill them too as we die...
2-3: haa
sfx: haaaa...
4: Please, commander...
5-6: Commander...
7: Let's show that goddamn American army the true horror of the Japanese navy!!
8: One ships, two ships, who cares?
9: Let's drag them all down to hell with us...
10: Commander...
11: Commander!

sfx: haaa...
1: I'm sorry...
2: I'm sorry that I'm such an incapable commander...
3: The reason we're in this crisis right now is all due to my lack of discretion.
4: I apologize to you all from the bottom of my heart.

1: We don't need an apology...
2: We were prepared for this...
3: Now let's go up.
4: drip...
sfx: drip x2

1-2: fushooo

sfx: fwish x2

1: Attention all crew members.
2: We will now take the ship up to the surface.

1: Then, once we surface...
2: We will engage in combat with our enemy.


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