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#39. Disgrace

sfx: gwoooosh
1: It's almost been 10 minutes since we dove...
2: Check on our surfacing point.
3: You can see the lone pine tree of Oshima Island on the left, can't you?
4: Once you confirm that, dive again and change our course by 300 degrees.
5: Depth 7m. Accelerating at a pressure of 30km.

#39. Disgrace

1-4: Keep going!
5: Hey... Lt. Nishina already died, right?
6: Huh?

1: Well... I've only been here for a little bit,
2: and I've never seen his face.
3: So I thought maybe that guy was Lt. Nishina.
4: You're talking about the guy with the long hair and the cold eyes, right? Him?
5: That's 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe...
6: Of course, he's someone else...
7: But I can kind of understand how you'd think that.
8: He came back from his special attack mission, and always stood out during training.

1: I'm thirsty...
2: This isn't what I was born to do.
3: Give me a reason to live...
4: I'm starving...

1: Emergency orders were handed down from the Commander of the Combined Fleet to the 6th Fleet.
2: All capable submarines are to hurry to Iwo Shima, where they are to act in concert with the ground units and defeat the invading enemy forces.
3: Three submarines will take part in this mission.
4: I-368, I-370, and I-44 will constitute the Chihaya Squad.
5: I-368 will have 5 crew members.
6: Lt. Kawasaki, Jr. Lt. Ishida, Jr. Lt. Nanba...
7: I-370 will also have 5.
8: Jr. Lt. Okayama, Jr. Lt. Ichikawa, Jr. Lt. Tanaka, 2nd Petty Officer Urasa...
9: I-44 will have 4 crew members.
10: Lt. Doi, Jr. Lt. Isumi...

1: The attack will happen on February 20th.
2: In two days, we will begin group training with the commanders of each submarine.
3: This concludes the announcement.
4: Dammit... They skipped me again...
5: I thought I would finally get a turn here, too...
6: I vow to sink an enemy battleship!!

1: Please, Commander Sakakura...
2: Please let me join the Chihaya Squad.

1: I've told you this several times already...
2: The only way a military organization can operate is if orders are obeyed...
3: You're just a petty officer. What makes you think you have the right to give the commander your opinion?
4: I think it's time we corrected you.
5: Is this how you do things, commander?
6: In that case, please, just kill me...
sfx: klak x3

sfx: wham
sfx: Flap x7
1: Today will be the final training session before the Chihaya Squad departs.
2: A Kaiten will pass under a ship made to look like an enemy ship.
3: Making it all the way through is equivalent to landing a critical hit on an enemy ship in battle.

1: Kawasaki group, firing!!
sfx: fsssh
sfx: rumble
sfx: fssssssh

sfx: fssssh
1: Kawasaki group failed to pass through!!
2: Next!!
3: Ishida group, firing!!
sfx: gyoor x3
sfx: fsssh x3

sfx: psssh
1: Cylinder exploded!!
2: Fault maintenance has led to cold ignition!!
3: It's off course!!
4: Fire a sounding bullet!!

board: Chihaya Squad Group Training Study Meeting
1: That was utterly pathetic.
2: Only 7 out of the 14 Kaiten managed to pass under the ship...
3: Judging by these results, this squad will be useless in a real battle.
4: If a one-hit-kill weapon fails to hit its target, then it's nothing but a useless piece of scrap metal.
5: Several higher officials came out all the way to Kure today to watch the training...
6: This is your final training session before you depart, and you've done nothing but disgrace yourselves.

1: Trainee Kawasaki!!
2: I participated in the training today!!
3: Because the waves were so high today, we could not perform surface observation!!
4: The rudder system also had a tendency to shake, which means that it moves the vessel off course when left alone!!
5: Stop complaining! The waves of the Pacific are much wilder than this!!
6: Air was also leaking out from the valve...
7: We can only control it if it's prepared properly!!
8: We work hard to make observations even just from land, every day!!
9: It's too late for that now!!
10: We're on the verge of departing here!!

1: Hey, you.
2: At what time did you depart, and how many minutes did it take before you hit? When did you return?
3: I'm not saying...
4: you need to remember all that.
5: But you need to focus on all of the gauges inside the Kaiten while you're riding in it.
6: Do that, and you'll be able to see the dial when you press the stopwatch...

1: How many meters away did you estimate the target to be?
2: Th... the waves were so rough, I couldn't get a good look...
3: I thought it was around 1200 m away...
4: And the azimuth angle?
5: 70 degrees to the right, I think...
6: You had that much information and you still screwed up that badly? There's a separate reason why you failed. You panicked and miscalculated the angle of fire...
7: How many times have you ridden in a Kaiten, counting today?
8: 26, sir!!

1: Aren't you ashamed of what happened in your training today!?
2: Think about the commander who has to take you out now!!
3: At this rate, you might even end up putting the depot ship in danger!
4: Not to mention the fact that you'd never be able to sink an enemy ship!!
5: That's enough...
sfx: creak...

1: I believe there's a man in this room who came back from the Adamantine Squad's mission...
2: At least one or two always come back from every operation.
3: Now I know why. Because of this sad excuse for a training program...
4: Once a soldier departs, he needs to yield results, or else there's no point to all this.
5: Tightening your headband, strapping a katana to your side, and feeling proud isn't enough to get the job done.

1: You coward...
2: If the propeller wouldn't spin, you should have just spun it with your hands and charged on out.


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