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#45. An Extreme Plan

1: I'm sorry...
2: But it looks like I'll have to retract another order I gave to you.
3: Very soon...
4: the Kaiten Squad will take on the full burden of the fate of the Empire and launch a full-scale attack.
5: I order you...
6: to ride in a Kaiten in the final battle.

1: What do you mean?
2: I thought that soldiers who were deployed once could never be deployed again?
3: Do you not want to go?
4: Th...
5: That's not what I'm saying...
6: It's just... why?

1: The conditions have changed...
2: From this point on,
3: The Special Attack Squad will be focusing on sea battles.
4: The enemy already knows about the Kaiten...
5: which means that we can longer attack docked ships.
6: In order to adapt to these new conditions...
7: The Kaiten Squad will have to start attacking moving ships.

1: You want us to hit moving ships with the Kaiten?
2: That's what the higher-ups decided...
3: Why?
4: This whole time, you insisted that we had to keep attacking docked ships...
5: The enemy found out about the Kaiten after the Chrysanthemum Water Squad's very first attack...
6: Why did you keep ordering us to attack docked ships after that!?
7: Did you forget, commander!?

1: We will follow the first squad...
2: and launch a full-scale assault on every enemy ship in the anchorages!!
3: It's too dangerous to attack an anchorage right now.
4: Why won't you make it a sea battle?
sfx: wham
5: Sea battles are very difficult...
6: It's nearly impossible to hit a ship while it's moving.

1: Commander...
2: If sea battles are impossible, then shouldn't we stop using Kaiten altogether?
3: The only way Japan could win this war is if it was filled with gods of war...
4: There isn't a single life here that deserves to be thrown away for nothing.
5: Perhaps you're merely afraid of sacrificing your life!
6: I'm not afraid of death...
7: I'm afraid of dying a dog's death.
8: Then there should be no problem...

1: Because you've been ordered to go and die.
2: You were so insistent on ordering us to attack docked ships...
3: Why did you change your mind after all this!?
4: I told you, because the conditions have changed!

1: Because now I have no family?
2: Because there won't be anyone to mourn me if I die...
3: Because it doesn't matter if I live or die now...
4: Wrong!!
5: What's wrong about it!?

1: Even if it is impossible...
2: We have to fight them on the sea.
3: The entire fate of our country...
4: is resting on the Kaiten Squad's shoulders.
5: If the American forces set foot on our soil, the Japanese race will perish...
6: We're the only ones who can stop it.
7: Making the impossible possible isn't something that just anyone can do...
8: That's why I'm asking you to do this.

1: And one more thing...
2: You aren't alone.
3: We're your family...
4: All the soldiers in this squad are my sons...
5: If I could, I wouldn't deploy any of you.

1: What father would want to kill his children!?
2: If you die, I will mourn you!!
sfx: drip
sfx: splat

1: I'm sorry...
2: But this will be the final attack of the Kaiten Squad.
3: Please...
4: protect Japan...

1: skritch

1: In early July of 1945,
2: the Tamon Squad was formed within the Kaiten Special Attack Squad.
3: I-6 was loaded with 32 Kaiten,
4: and its crew included many survivors from previous Kaiten missions.

1: I apologize for making you wait...
2: I like the look you've got on your face.

1: I've come back to get you...
2: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe...
3: It's finally time for you to complete your mission.


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