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#46. Those who Go, Those who Send

1: I apologize for making you wait...
2: I've come back to get you...
3: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe...
4: It's finally time for you to complete your mission.

1: Attention all crew members.
2: We will now depart for the Bashi Channel,
3: the line that connects Leyte and Okinawa.
4: According to the information we've received...
5: the enemy is transporting a large amount of resources into Okinawa and Iwo Jima.
6: The Allied Forces are clearly planning to invade our country...
7: and they're going to start very soon!

1: The fate of Japan rests on every torpedo we fire...
2: On every Kaiten on board!
3: We will attack the enemy and sink their strategic resources to the bottom of the sea...
4: It's time for us to get revenge for 2nd Petty Officer Sekiguchi...
5: and all our other allies who sacrificed their lives in the sea of battle.
6: To save our country from its great peril, to make sure the unified mind of this sacred country lives on...
7: I deeply pray that you will all become the cornerstones that help to lift up our nation.

1: You are to offer up your lives...
2: and become the foundation for Japan to become even greater.
3: Commander...
4: Hey!
5: The commander's briefing you right now!!
6: Stop it.
7: Let our Kaiten crew speak.

1: You'll come back alive, won't you?
2: Due to the peril that the fate of our Empire faces, I am going to do everything in my power to complete our mission...
3: In order to answer the wishes our Emperor.
4: Please promise me that you'll come back alive...

1: All of us Kaiten crew members are going to die momentarily...
2: But this ship will come back here afterwards, won't it?
3: When we die, we'll all die together.
4: Right up until the last drop of fuel...
5: we'll keep on fighting until the end.

1: For that is our pride as submariners!!

1: All men, wave your hats!!

1: After the Kaiten Squad departed, their commander Sakakura continually requested that he be sent out to fight as well.
2: But his superiors never allowed him to...
3: And soon, the war ended.
4: Afterwards, he prepared to commit suicide,
5: but someone convinced him to assist in the Kaiten post-war clean-up instead.

1-2: skritch

sfx: skritch
1-6: skritch
7: Just what am I?
8: skritch

1: I no longer have any parents... or siblings...
2: or friends...
3: I'm just like a nameless leaf floating in the vast ocean...
4: I'm no one...

1: I'm me...
2: I fight because I want to...
3: Not because anyone is forcing me to.
4: clack
5: I don't fight for anyone's sake...
6: I fight for myself.


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