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#48. Eat or be Eaten

1: They discovered a convoy of enemy transports on the surface about 10km northeast from Cape Engaño.
2: The convoy is composed of 8 transports and 9 guards.
3: They expect the convoy to pass through the Bashi Channel in roughly 5 hours.
4: Also, it seems that the scout was seen by the enemy.
5: Therefore, the guard ships have changed their positioning and are on full alert.

1: What should we do,
2: commander?
3: If they saw the scout, they're most likely calling for back-up right now.
4: By the time they pass through the Bashi Channel...
5: enemy submarines will most likely be surrounding the area.
6: If we stay here for 5 more hours...
7: we'll end up right in the center of their procession.

1: Hey... It seems like they found an enemy convoy.
2: Really!?
3: They'll pass through this spot in about 4 or 5 hours.
4: I also heard that enemy subs will be gathering too...
5: Raise the periscope.

1: Vision is good.
2: It's clear weather... Nothing in front or behind us.
3: Go up.
sfx: fwoosh x2
sfx: sploosh...
4: Gather up the Kaiten crew.
5: I want them to prepare the Kaiten in 10 minutes.

1: What is that?
2: Leftover food!!
3: I believe it was thrown off a moving vessel, sir!!

1: Bring it inside the ship and investigate it.
2: The enemy could have thrown it away...
3: We finished preparing the Kaiten.
4: All of them are in good condition.
5: Good... Let's dive back down.

1: At 13:00,
2: an ally scout was discovered by a convoy of 17 enemy ships.
3: We have more than enough targets...
4: However, as you might imagine, they'll be waiting for us.
5: If we stay here, we'll be the ones in danger.
6: So we're going to leave this point for now...
7: And wait for a chance when we can launch an attack from afar.

1: In a few hours from now...
2: we may be able to engage in Kaiten battle.

1: Commander...
2: Propeller noise!
3: It's quiet...
4: But I think it's coming from an enemy ship.
5: Shit...
6: Their backup's here already?
7: If we let those subs guard their route...
8: Not even the Kaiten will be able to get inside.

1: Forward at a slow speed...
2: Dive 10m deeper and turn off the air conditioner.
3: click...
4: Are we really going to attack?
5: It's a weird time of day...
6: If the convoy puts their guard up and lowers their speed, it'll be night time when they pass through here.

1: At night, we won't be able to use the Kaiten...
2: Could we even really fight escort ships when it's dim in the evening?
3: And if they're gathering submarines like the commander said,
4: then shouldn't we just give up and wait for a better chance?
sfx: drip
5: The propeller noise disappeared.

1: Keep moving forward.
2: We need to get away from their route and wait and see what happens.
3: Mmm...
4: But we're in a very tough spot here.
3: We're up against a large convoy of 17 ships...
4: There's no way we'll be able to fight and win against something like that.
5: I just wish we could get those enemy subs off the route...

1-4: clang
5: Commander!
6: I finished inspecting the abandoned food.
7: The food was ours. We threw it away three days ago.
8: I confirmed that day's menu and who threw it away.
9: It was our food?
sfx: sploosh
10: Stop that. If the enemy happened to see something floating in the water...
11: our cover would be blown.

1: That food was floating quite a distance away from us...
2: 40km to the south, to be exact.
3: It probably rode on the Kuroshio Current...
4: Which means it traveled 40km in 3 days.
5: I think we should retreat...
6: Submarines are meant for covert operations...
7: Now that the enemy knows we're here, we don't have a chance of winning.

1: We have the advantage...
2: The enemy still doesn't know where we are yet.
3: They just think we're hiding somewhere along the route...
4: But we know that we'll be able to engage in them in 4 or 5 hours.
5: We're the ones...
6: who can set a trap.

1: I see...
2: So we just need to use the Kuroshio...
3: If we can split the enemy up into two groups...
4: Then we won't need to move the enemy subs off the route.
5: We just need to lure the guard sips off of the route instead.

1: We're going up now...
2: I want to let the enemy know where we are.
3: We'll let them find us...
4: then turn the tables on them.


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