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#50. Boarding Once More

1: Proceed forward at a slow speed...
2: Follow the northwest route.

1: Our assault on the enemy begins now.

1: stomp

1: The Kaiten crew is ready to be deployed.
2: Mmm...
3: Kaiten battle will begin very soon.
4: Now we're going to move to the point that's 2.5 km away from the enemy's route.
5: After we fire the mines there, we'll move again.
6: Are you planning a feint?

1: That's right.
2: We're going to shoot dummy mines onto the surface and let them ride down the Kuroshio until it crosses into the enemy's route.
3: The enemy will find the mines, put themselves on guard, and start searching the nearby waters...
4: At the same time, we'll surface far away from the enemy and let them know where we are.
5: They won't be able to move with mines in front of them...
6: And only the several destroyers they have will come after us.
7: We just need to stay still and wait...
8: Then attack them with the Kaiten.

1: We'll throw the enemy into disorder...
2: and sink a convoy of 17 with only one ship.
3: The success of our mission depends on the Kaiten crew...
4: And it's no exaggeration to say the entire fate of Japan rests on your shoulders as well.

1-3: haaa....
4: This is #1...
5: All of the vessels are in good condition. We're ready to be fired.
6: Good.
7: Remain on standby.
8: This is #2, all ready.
9: This is #3, all ready.
10: Looks like they're all ready...
11: Attention all Kaiten!

1: In 10 minutes, we will arrive at our goal point, which 2.5km away from the enemy's route.
2: The Kaiten mission is scheduled to begin 4 hours after we arrive there...
3: Which means you will not be fired for another 4 hours.
4: #1, 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe.
5: Yes sir.
6: #2, Lieutenant Katsuyama.
7: Yes sir.

1: #3, Junior Lt. Seki.
2: Yes sir.
3: #4, 1st Petty Officer Kawajiri.
4: #5, 1st Petty Officer Arakawa. #6, 1st Petty Officer Takahashi.
5: There's no telling when we will fire during the mission...
6: I know I said 4 hours... but depending on the situation, we may fire you 10 minutes later than planned.
7: I'll leave the inner comm channel open so that you can hear everything that's going on.
8: If a problem arises, let me know at once.
9: Let's pray success all around...

sfx: rumble x2
1: We're almost at our goal point.
2: Mines prepared.
3: Depth 18m.

1: We've arrived at our goal point.

1: Prepare to fire the mines.
2: Mines prepared!
3: Fire!
sfx: boosh

sfx: waver x2
1: splish

1: Mine successfully fired. It has risen to the surface safely.
2: Okay. Now fire 5 more.
3: Ready to fire...
4: Fire!
sfx: boosh
5: Fire!

1: Find them...
2: If the enemy doesn't find the mines we fired, this will all have been for nothing...
3: They need to bite down on the bait we've planted...

1: Find the mines...
2: So that we can destroy you once and for all!!
3-5: shoor
6: Commander...
7: We're getting propeller noise.
8: Impossible...
9: The enemy isn't supposed to arrive here for four more hours...

1: It's an enemy submarine...
2: An enemy submarine is heading toward us!
sfx: gwooosh x2


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