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#51. Hold Your Breath

1: It's an enemy submarine...
2: An enemy submarine is heading toward us!
3: It's close...
4: The propeller noise is getting louder and louder...
5: Reception 1...
6: Reception 2...
7: It's coming straight for us!

1: Damn it... Did they find us?
2: We need to get out of here at once, or we'll be in trouble.
3: Commander!
4: Please give us orders!
5: Reception 3...
6: They'll be here in a few minutes.

1: Turn off all power.
2: What?
3: The enemy probably hasn't spotted us...
4: If they had, they wouldn't be moving straight toward us like this. It's too careless.
5: Using our propeller to try and escape...
6: will only let them know where we are.
7: But if we turn off all power...!
8: We'll sink...

1: We'll quietly sink...
graph top: Enemy
graph bottom: I-53
2: and wait for the enemy to pass over us.
3: Once they move past us...
4: and we sink to 80m, the maximum depth that the Kaiten can handle, we'll turn the power back on.
5: Then we'll slowly move away...
6: Timing is everything here.
7: If we're too slow in turning off the power, they'll notice us.
8: But if we're too fast, it'll make us sink faster...
9: Turning power back on too soon will also alert them to our presence.

sfx: kyoor x5
1: Attention Kaiten crew.
2: An enemy sub is drawing near.
3: We're going to turn off all power and let ourselves sink so that the enemy will pass over us.
4: We will not sink lower than 80m.
5: We'll only sink as close as we can to the Kaiten pressure limit...

sfx: rumble x3
1: Reception 3...

1: Turn off the propeller.
sfx: kyoor x3
sfx: clong

sfx: waver

1: Stay balanced!
2: Keep us horizontal!
sfx: gwoosh
sfx: click click

sfx: shoor x9

1: We went under it...
sfx: click x2

1: Depth 60m...
2: creak...
3-5: creak
6: Depth 70m...

1: Move ahead at a slow speed...
2: Turn on the propeller.

1: Reception 2...
2: The enemy's propeller noise is getting farther away.

1-3: haa...
4: Now head to our next goal point....
5: Kaiten crew, this is your commander.
6: We are currently moving at a depth of 80m.
7: Report on the status of your vessels.

1: #1, all clear.
2: The water pressure made the vessel creak, but there is no leakage.
3: Mmm...
4: #2, all clear. #3, all clear.
5: #4, all clear.
6: Looks like all the Kaiten are fine.
7: Listen carefully...
8: There is no longer a single safe spot in this sea.
9: It seems like we'll be able to escape the danger we just faced...
10: but we are by no means safe.

1: Just like the early stages of our Kaiten war...
2: It doesn't seem like we have much time left.
3: We're already in the vortex...
4: 4 hours from now, the mines we fired will reach the enemy's route.
5: There is no guarantee that we'll return home alive...
6: But keep that in your hearts.

1: Do you have any last words!?


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