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#58. The Best Thing to Do Now

sfx: boom x12

1: Ggh...!!
2: Ahh... Aaahhh...
3: The periscope's bent...
4: We're done for...
5: There's no way we're going to be able to escape like this.
6: We're just going to sink to the bottom of the ocean now...

1: We're going to die here!!
2: Report on your conditions!!
3: The bridge has been heavily damaged!!
4: Periscopes #1 and #2 have both suffered irreparable damage!!
5: The direction finder is not moving!!
6: The short wave mast is also dead!!
7: All of the equipment on the bridge has been destroyed!!

sfx: boom x4
sfx: kaboooom x2
1: Gwaahh!!
2: Zig-zag navigation!!
3: Don't lose any speed!!
sfx: boom x3

1: We've lost power too!!
2: The listening devices aren't working!!
3: We're deaaaad!!
4: We're all gonna diiiie!!
sfx: boom
sfx: kaboom

1: Calm down...
2: You've been through this so many times...
sfx: boom
3: Calm down...
4: You'll make it through this one as well!

1: This is the result of several human errors.
sfx: boom x2
2: It doesn't mean that the plan itself was a failure.
sfx: ratatatat
3: When the enemy plane found us...
4: we stopped preparing for Kaiten battle and tried to dive and escape...
5: Dive! We need to get out of here as fast as possible!!
6: All Kaiten crew members are to return inside immediately!!
7: The plan is working...
8: Now is our chance to fire the Kaiten.

1: 2nd Petty Officer Watanabe is right...
2: The Kaiten crew should stay inside their vessels.
3: Turn around and return to a depth of 18m...
4: Once we rise up to 18m, we'll face the enemy head-on!!
5: In the end, we were allowed to continue preparing for Kaiten battle...
6: But we shouldn't have escaped then.
7: If we had continued with the plan...
8: we might have been able to prevent the enemy from getting the upper hand.
9: The same is true for when we were first hit by the charges.
10: They're turning around...
11: Are they planning to turn around and come back to us?
12: Stay at 80m!
13: Keeping the enemy from getting overtop us should be the #1 priority!!

1: We should have fired the Kaiten right there...
2: If we had, we wouldn't have gotten hit by another round of depth charges!!
sfx: boom
sfx: crash
sfx: rattle

1: Calm down...
2: We had a chance for victory!!
3: When we're afraid of the angry, the enemy is also afraid of us...
4: If we don't want to be killed, then we have to kill them!!

1: Analyze the situation...
2: What can I do!?
sfx: boom
sfx: kaboooom
sfx: boooom x4

1: The ship's bridge has been destroyed, and we can't use the periscopes.
2: The short wave mast is also broken, so we can't use the radio... And we can't even listen for anything.
3: We've lost our eyes, our ears, and our mouths...
4: Luckily, it seems that we can still control the sub...
5: I didn't hear any reports of flooding in the control room either.
6: The only Kaiten we can use are #1, the one I'm in, #3...
7: #5, and #6...
8: What can we do from here!?

1: Sekiguchi was fired out in a situation like this...
2: I can die...
3: if it means you'll live.
4: If we go out now, we should at least be able to protect our mother ship...
5: We first met...
6-7: haaa...
8: when we entered the training school together.
9: Watanabe...
10: Ever since then, we've always been together.
11: We overcame a lot of pain together...
12: And we talked about a lot.
13: It's because you were here...
14: that I was able to come this far.
15: I'm part of you...
16: and you're part of me.

1: Sekiguchi...
2: I'm not going to die for anyone.
3: I'm going to live for myself...
4: When someone is truly living,
5: life and death mean the same thing.

sfx: boom x2
1: This is #1, Watanabe.
2: Please come in, command.
3: This is #1, Watanabe.
4: Please come in!
5: What?

1: Please begin Kaiten battle.
2: Kaiten battle!?
3: You want us to fire you!?
sfx: boom
4: Gwaaahh!!

1: I'll go!!
2: No, me!!
3: I'll be the decoy!!
4: I'll pull the enemies off us!!
5: That won't allow us to sink the enemies.
6: Our goal is to sink our enemies to the ocean floor...
7: Not to protect our mother ship from danger.

1: We have six Kaiten aboard...
2: But we can only use four of them right now.
3: There are two enemy ships following us...
4: We can easily sink two with four.
5: But how do you plan to sink them!?
6: You won't be able to get any results if you get fired in a situation like this!!
7: Then we just need to change the situation...

1: Let's sink this ship!!


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