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#59. Deceive and Pierce!

1: Let's sink this ship!!
2: What do you mean sink it?
3: If the enemy confirms that we've sunk...
4: they won't come after us anymore.
5: We'll cut off the two damaged Kaiten from the ship...
6: and pretend like we're sinking.

1: We'll make it look like we're sinking...
2: and attack the enemy from behind as they leave.

sfx: boooom x2
1: You want to cut the Kaiten off from the ship?
2: Yes... First, we'll disperse the fuel from the damaged Kaiten into the ocean...
3: Then, we'll open the oxygen valves and release the actual Kaiten into the ocean.
4: The Kaiten will begin to sink while spilling out fuel and oxygen.
5: This will create water bubbles and oil film on the surface.
6: When they see that, the enemy will think that they sunk us...

1: They'll accept that they won and leave...
2: Then we'll attack them with the remaining Kaiten.
3: Will it really go that well?
4: We have two damaged Kaiten...
5: If we release them one after another, I think it has the potential to trick the enemy.
6: Either way, we can't use them...
7: I think it's worth a shot!!

1: Fine...
2: We'll start from #4...
2: #2 got hit, but it isn't completely destroyed...
3: We might be able to still move it.
4: Prepare #4!
5: Start releasing fuel and oxygen.
6: That's my Kaiten...
7: I'll handle it.

1: Vent valve closed! Lubricant valve open!
2: Intermediate fuel valve closed!
sfx: splurt
3: High pressure oxygen valve closed...
sfx: fssssh
sfx: blub x4
ssfx: boom

1: Gwahhh!!
2: Shit!!
3: Their depth charge attacks are getting more accurate!!
sfx: boom x3
4: #4, Kawajiri! Prep work finished!!
5: Closing the transport tower hatch on the mother ship side!!
6: Preparing to release the fixation band...
sfx: gyoor x2
7: Fire!!

sfx: bshoooo
sfx: boom x5
sfx: boom

sfx: sploooosh
1-2: glug glug
sfx: blub x5
3: Well?

sfx: gloop x4
1-3: blub
sfx: bshooooo
sfx: boom x6

1: Did it not work?
sfx: boom
sfx: Kaboom
2: Shit...
3: Aren't the bubbles and the oil enough to convince them?
4: Do we need to make submarine parts float up too?

sfx: kaboom
sfx: boom
sfx: splooosh

sfx: booooom
1: #2, ready to be released!!
2: Roger that!!
3: If we release #2 and not even that works...
4: I'll just have to go.
5: The possibility that I could sink an enemy in an unfavorable situation like this is low...
6: But I have no choice!!

1: Kingston valve closed.
2: Safety valve opened.
3: Vent valve closed...
sfx: gloop x3
4-7: drip
sfx: drip x4

sfx: click x2
sfx: boom x4
1: Depth 90!!
2: We're still sinking!!
3: Stop the flooding!!
4: Raise the neck of the sub up!!
5-7: crack

sfx: boom x4
sfx: click
1: Exhaust valve closed...
sfx: creak x3
2: Lubrication oil valve open...
3: It's no good...
sfx: crack... x2
4: We won't have time to see whether or not releasing #2 will work.

1: Should we fire ourselves and attack immediately?
2: Or should I become a decoy and lead the enemy away, in order to give the mother ship time to prepare the other Kaiten?
3: If I get destroyed, my remains might trick the enemy...
4: What should I do, Sekiguchi?
sfx: creak... x2
5: What the hell should I do?
6: Oxygen valve open...
sfx: bshoooo
7: Sekiguchi... I might not be able to get revenge for you.
8: Will you forgive me?

1: #2, ready to go...
sfx: bshoooooo
2: Depth 105!
3: Hurry up and drain the waterrrr!!
4: Anyone who can move needs to focus on draining the water!!
sfx: rumble x2
5-6 haaaa...
7: #2, Katsuyama!!
8: Once you're ready, come down!!

1: #2 was hit, but it wasn't destroyed...
sfx: rumble
2-3: haaa...
4: We might still be able to move it.
5: clunk
6: Hey!! What are you doing!?
7: Why did you close the hatch!?
sfx: twiiiist
8: #2, Katsuyama...
9: I'm going to see if I can be fired or not...

1: We no longer have any time left to watch and see what happens after we let this Kaiten go...
2: Watanabe... I'll become the decoy.
3: You get revenge for Sekiguchi!!


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