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#63. Resonating Souls

1: 2nd Petty Officer Sekiguchi said that?
2: Not to give up on making the submarine float?
3: Yes...
4: He said we must live and tell everyone what happened...
5: Maybe it really did happen...
6: We're on the brink of life and death her. Maybe it really could allow someone to hear the voice of a dead person...
7: But there's nothing we can do. Even if we could make repairs, it would take a lot longer than half a day.
8: But before that, what would we do about the water? There's only so much air left inside the sub...

1: This ship...
2: is completely destroyed.

sfx: drip x5
1: If there's such a thing as 'the end of the world'...
2: This is it right here.
3: No one will come to help us, and no one can hear us.
4: We can't ask anyone for assistance... And most of us are too hurt to even move.
5: Let's just rest...
6: In 10 more minutes, we might be able to hear the explosion when Watanabe hits the enemy.

sfx: fsssssh
sfx: fsssh x2
sfx: bssssh
1: Gggh!!

sfx: rumble

1: Hey... Sekiguchi...
2: So you came to join us, huh?
3: Huh...
4: You look like you're doing great. I've missed you...
5: But don't get in my way right now, okay?
6: The least you can do is let me die properly.

1: Hey, Sekiguchi... I don't know who I'm killing...
2: But I know that I want to kill them.
3: Let's show them...
4: that we're not just gonna take this sitting down.
5: Huh? Is Lieutenant Katsuyama there too?
6: Thank you very much for becoming the decoy.
7: Huh?
8: Lieutenant Nishina's even there too?
9: And that person over there... Is that Senior Lt. Kuroki?
10: The man who developed the Kaiten with Lt. Nishina...
11: Why is everyone together?

1: Oh well...
2: Let's all just go together now...
sfx: rattle

1: After the war, the following was recorded
2: in an American record.
3: on July 24th,
4: the USS Underhill, a destroyer class ship led a convoy of 17 ships east through the Bashi Channel.
5: At 17:00,
6: the USS Underhill discovered drifting mines that were believed to belong to the enemy.
7: At 17:15, they began firing at the mines with 20mm rifles,
sfx: ratatatatat
8: and detonated them.

1: Meanwhile, at 17:10, they detected a submarine on the USS Underhill's radar.
2: They phoned the PC-184, a destroyer escort, and ordered it to investigate as they also left the convoy themselves.
3: At 17:30, the PC-804 discovered a periscope at close range in front of them.
4: Not long afterwards, they detected a submarine moving underneath them.
5: The USS Overhill also detected the submarine at the same time,
6: and at 17:34, it dropped 10 depth charges that had been prepared for shallow depths.
7: At 18:05, they saw what looked like submarine oil rising to the surface.
8-10: blub
11: Since no submarine fragments came up as well, they continued to search and attack.
12: At 18:16, an explosion erupted under the surface and submarine parts began to float up.

1: The commander broadcast to the other ships that one enemy submarine had been sunk,
2: then planned to return to the convoy.
3: It's almost time...
4: I'll try putting the periscope up once...
5-7: clang
sfx: splish

1: There they are...
2: Of course they'd be here...
3: At 18:45,
4: the PC-804 discovered another periscope.
5: The USS Underhill raced to this submarine,
6: but soon lost sight of the periscope.

sfx: fssssh
1: Shit!!
sfx: fssssh
2-3: Shit!!

sfx: splish

1: Let's go... Sekiguchi...
2: Now's our chance to show them the true power of the Kaiten Squad!!

1: Full speed ahead...
sfx: rattle x3
2-5: I'm going to kill you...

1: I'm going to kill you!!
2: At 18:49,
3: the USS Underhill saw multiple periscopes surface at the same time.
4: Just like dolphins, periscopes kept popping up and then disappearing again in different directions.

1: Uooooooooooohhhh!!


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