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1: Obscuritie, the land of darkness.
2: It has a hero,
3: and an endless variety of monsters who torment him!
4: These monsters have a leader...
5: And that leader's name is...

Durandalla, the great demon queen!!

sfx: riiiing
1: Yaawn...
2: Oh?
sfx: fwoom...

1: Aaaaaaahhhh
2: Just barely visible castle
sfx: rumble

1: Hoo.
sfx: feeling better
2: It feels so good to part the sea in the morning!
sfx: dwoom
3: Queen Durandalla! Good morning!
4: Oh, Giga Octo!
5: It's very nice weather today, isn't it?
6: Inded it is.
sfx: rumble rumble crackle

1: Make sure you sink a lot of hero ships today!
sfx: bwish
2: Yes ma'am!
sfx: fwoosh

1: Ahhhh! He saw me after I just woke up!
sfx: thud
2: Grr... What was Giga Octo doing there!?
3: I can't believe this...
4: Queen Durandalla...
sfx: twitch
5: N-no, I wasn't thinking of dropping his EXP! I don't mix private matters with business!
6: Huh?

1: The hero has arrived at the Four Fiends.
2: What!?
3: It'll be about two more hours, then. That means I get to take my time!
sfx: Yawn
4: I want scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sunny side up! Use those nice phoenix eggs we found!
5: OK.
6: We've really been seeing a lot of heroes lately.
7: Yeah... Apparently, the legendary hero bloodline is a very strong one, so they had a lot of children.
8: So that means I beat his father already?
9: Currently, there are about 50,000 people who claim they're the hero.
10: That's some frightening virility...

sfx: click
1: Hoo.
sfx: fwooh
2: I hate having to wash my hair every morning.
3: But if I wash it at night, it turns out like this...
4: Explosion
5: Maybe I'll cut it...
6: It kind of feels like a waste after I took the time to let it grow out this much, though...
sfx: fwip fwip
sfx: hoo hoo
7: This takes so long to dry...
8: ...Queen...

1: Queen Durandalla! The hero has defeated the Four Fiends!
sfx: Huh?
2: Oh... Oh no! I fell asleep again!
sfx: jerk
3: Oh, are you not ready yet?
sfx: hop
4: G-go out and hold the hero back!
5: Huh?
6: But I'm your butler. Combat is outside of my job description.
7: Stop being cheeky and just do it, you sheep!

1: I'm actually a goat.
2: I'm a sheep butler, but a goat butler. Got it?
3: Enough already!
4: Anyway! Send out slimes, goblins, whatever! Just buy me some time!
5-6: Hurry!
7: Why don't you just go out without any makeup?
8: What!?

1: Are you nuts!? I need to be a perfect symbol of the demon race, in order to make sure the hero doesn't underestimate me! I need to show him my authority as the demon queen!
2: True. If the hero runs home and says that "the demon queen looked like a frumpy old hick," it'd be rather embarrassing...
3: Is... that what I look like to you?
sfx: fwish fwish
sfx: slide

1: OK!
sfx: grin
2: Queen Durandalla! The hero has reached your floor!
3: Wh-what!?
4: But I covered the floor in slimes, so he's having trouble moving.
sfx: splat splat splat
5: Good thinking!
6: Hurry!
sfx: snap
7: Hurry!
sfx: snap
8: Hurr...
sfx: yank

1: My zipper
sfx: yank yank
2: won't go up!!
3: Th-this can't be happening...
4: I know I've been eating a little more than I should, but...
5: No, wait, this is just swelling! I need to drink more water!
6: I haven't actually gotten fat!
7: Wow, Queen Durandalla, you've really put on some weight.
8: D-don't be so honest, you monster!
9: I'm a goat.

1: Why don't you just go out in your normal clothes?
2: Full makeup in a jumpsuit
sign: Item Shop
3: No way! I'd look just like a teenager hanging out in front of an item shop in the middle of the night!
4: Queen Durandalla, the hero draws near!
5: What!? Hmm... What should I do?
6: Use this, Queen Durandalla!
sfx: toss
sfx: smack
7: Huh...

1: Ha ha ha ha!
2: Kneel before me!
3: Beg for your life!!

sfx: bwap
1: I'm the invincible queen!
2: Only death awaits those who dare to defy Durandalla!

sfx: fwish
1: Well? Can you see the tape on it?
2: Not if you hide it with your cape.
3: Queen Durandalla, the queen has arrived!
sfx: whisper whisper
sfx: bwap
4: Okay! I'm going out now!

1: sigh...
sfx: roll roll
2: It took me so long to finish that fight...
sfx: rub rub
3: I just wanted to make sure no one saw the tape...
4: Ahhh! I've got a rash!
5: This is why I hate fire magic! Give me some toad oil!
6: OK!
7: Ahhh...
sfx: splish

1: I'm tired of being the demon queen...
2: But Queen Dura, ruling the demon world is the only ability you have.
3: Wh-what? That's actually a pretty amazing ability, you know!
4: Yes. It is.
5: Huh?
6: There isn't another monster who has as much unifying power and charisma
7: as you.
sfx: bwish

1: Wha...
2: R... Really?
3: Yes.
4: Awww! Well then I guess I have no choice! I'll just have to go on being the demon queen!
sfx: splash
sfx: la la la
5: She was just about to lose her job...
6: That was close...
7: One week later
8: Queen Durandalla! A hero has arrived!
9: Okay! I'll go out now!

sfx: gyooooh
1: Ha ha ha! Today's hero was so weak!
sfx: fwish
2: And my boots fit perfectly today!
sfx: creak creak
3: Looks like she just forced her legs in...
4: So you don't need me to resize your equipment
5: No way!
6: That was a cinch!
7: Yaaawn... Ahhh...
sfx: creaaaak...

1: Huh!?
sfx: snap

sfx: thud....
1: Ah... Ahh... Aaahh...
2: How could the strongest demon equipment just fly off me like that!?
3: old demon lord silhouette
4: I guess you really did gain weight...
sfx: shiver shiver
5: No... No, it's just swelling!

1: So you don't need me to resize it?
2: Yeah... Resize it.
3: I've never seen Queen Dura make such a serious face.
4: I'm going to bed!


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