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1: Obscuritie, the land of darkness.
2: Within it lurks four monsters
3: known as the Four Fiends...
4: And the one they serve...

1: is the Demon Queen Durandalla!

1: Queen Dura!
sfx: rumble rumble
2: The Four Fiends have arrived.
3: Wait, hold on! My hair's giving me problems!
4: You fight with your hair every morning, don't you?
5: It must have high HP...
6: You bet I do!
7: It goes right back even when I straighten it...
sfx: sigh...
8: Maybe I'll just cut it...
9: But it took me so long to grow it out...
sfx: pfft
10: Queen Dura!
11: Okay, okay, I'm coming!

1: The Great Hall
2: Welcome, Four Fiends!
3: Today, I called you here for one reason, and one reason only.
4: I've been thinking about this for a while, but...

1: Why are there five of you?
2: Don't you think it's weird?
3: I mean, you're the Four Fiends...
4: There shouldn't really be five...
5: Queen Dura, are you planning to kick one of us out!?

1: Roaaaaar! I vooow... to stay heeere... and protect Queen Durandallaaaa!
sfx: roaaar
2: I am fated to protect Queen Durandalla forever!
3: I'm going to protect Queen Durandalla... Because I love her!
sfx: smack
4: I want to protect Queen Durandalla just as much as you all do, too!

1: Hmmm... Well this is a problem.
2: But we can't have five Four Fiends running around...
3: I'm the strongest!
4: I don't want to quit the Four Fiends!
5: There's no fitter fiend in the Four Fiends than I!
6: I don't want to quit either!
7: It's fun being a fiend!
8: I-I have a two year old daughter, a pregnant wife, and an old mother...!

1: Queen Durandalla! You should kick him out! He's a simple-minded fool!
2: What!?
3: It's true! I bet you can't even do subtraction!
4: Grrr...
5: I-I think we should kick him out! He never speaks because he's a coward! He's a total chicken!
sfx: stomp
sfx: clang clang clang

1: You punched me! That's not fair!
2: Kyahaha! That was mean!
3: You'll pay for this!
sfx: wham
sfx: clang
4: Gwehh!
5: What are you doing, you meatheads!?
6: Ooh, a fight? Let me in too!
sfx: yay yay
sfx: fwip

1: Knock it off, you idiots!!
sfx: kyoooh
sfx: boom
2: If you guys fight and destroy the castle, then we'll all be out of luck!
sfx: whoooosh
3: You're the one who did the most damage, Queen Durandalla!

1: Mm... Ahem!
2: We need to talk this over.
3: I can't talk with these fools!
sfx: urgh
4: Me neither!
5: Grr! What will it take to convince you!?
6: In that case, Queen Durandalla, why don't you choose?
7: Huh?
8: You're the one who chose us all,
9: which means you also have the right to kick us out!
10: Grrr! Who are you going to kick out, Queen Durandalla!?
11: Who are you going to kick out!?

1: If I get kicked out, I'll be sad!
2: I'm an essential member. You'd be mad to kick me out!
sfx: rumble
3: If you kick me out, I'll get pissed!
4: Totally pissed!
sfx: bam bam
sfx: rumble
5: Won't you feel guilty about putting my family in peril?
6: I may have the right, but it seems like they'll all get mad at me either way...
sfx: gulp
7: I am the strongest...
8: But it'd be mentally exhausting if one of them starts stalking me...
9: Queen Durandalla...
sfx: rumble
10: Who are you going to kick out?
11: Uh... Errr...

1: Butler! What do you think?
sfx: pop
sfx: bwap
2: She ran away...
3: If you kick me out, I'll hate you forever!
sfx: rumble

1: Why don't you just...
2: make them the Five Fiends?
3: ...huh?

1: Just change their name from the Four Fiends to the Five Fiends.
2: Then you won't have to kick anyone out.
3: B-but the Five Fiends sounds weird... We're the Four Fiends...
4: Is the name really that important?
5: No one wants to quit, right?
6: Well... yeah...

1: Who cares about the name, then?
2: It's just a name.
3: Y...
4: You're so dry...
5: Thank you very much.
6: And so, the ex-Four Fiends continued to argue about their new name...
7: The Five Demon Stars!
8: The Death Pentagon!
9: The Judgment Five!
10: The Monster Quintet!
11: Just pull straws or something!


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