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sfx: rumble rumble
1: Obscuritie, the land of darkness...
2: This land, where monsters roam,
3: is ruled by
4: the leader of them all...
5: Excuse my intrusion, but your breakfast is ready.

1: Queen Durandalla!

1: How can she sleep like that? (Cover your stomach, not your face...)
sfx: slip
sfx: poke
sfx: twitch
sfx: poke
2: Mmm...
sfx: poke poke
3: Mmmm!

1: Waaah!
sfx: jerk
2: Huh!?
3: Good morning.
4: I had a dream that a hell leech was crawling around me...
sfx: hieee
sfx: crawl crawl
5: I'm sorry to hear that.
6: Oh yes, Queen Durandalla,
7: You still owe me 2G for last month's pay.
8: Well aren't you exact!
9: I know you're only doing this for the money, though, so I guess I have no choice.

1: I'm not just doing this for the money.
2: What!?
3: What are you doing it for, then?
4: That's a secret.
5: Oh yes... This morning you have the weekly Four F... Err, Judgment Five report meeting to attend. Please get ready.
6: Oh, okay!

1: Uhh... In the Mad Wind area,
2: A wind fairy used a cyclone to shame 60 humans by flipping up their skirts.
3: Ooh, good job! I should award that fairy with a medal!
4: Next, in the Dark Cloud area...
sfx: skritch skritch...

sfx: staaare...
sfx: staaare...

1: Hey! You're staring at Queen Durandalla's boobs, you pervert!
sfx: twitch
2: Waahh!
3: I-I was just...
4: I-I saw him staring at Queen Durandalla's butt, you know!
5: Wha!?
sfx: twitch
6: I'm not some childish fool who's still longing for breasts! I always knew you were twisted!
7: What!? You're even worse than me!
8: What!?

1: The butt is the symbol of abundant life! It's only natural for someone to be attracted to its beautiful curves!
2: Boobs are the best!!
3: What do you think!?
4: Huh!?
5: Uh... I... I like...
6: I like it when you can just barely see the nape of the neck...
7: The nape of the neck!?
8: So high level!!
9: It's gotta be the butt...
10: No, the boobs!
11: Trust me, the nape of the neck is great...
12: Okay then, let's ask Queen Durandalla!
13: Which one of us is correct!?

1: You're all wrong, you idiots!!
sfx: whap whap whap
2: She slapped us all at the same time!
3: Even me!
4: Shut up and do the meeting like you're supposed to!
5: What is wrong with you guys, huh?
sfx: grr grr
6: Why do they look so happy that they're being yelled at?
7: Because they're masochists.

sfx: rumble rumble rumble
1: Queen Durandalla, I brought the documents you were looking for...
sfx: snooore
2: Looks like getting so angry tired her out...

sfx: slip...
sfx: smack
1: Ahhh...
sfx: blush
2: This feeling...

1: I can't believe they're so obsessed with her boobs and her butt...
sfx: rub rub
2: How could they miss how amazing her stomach is!?
3: Smooth, firm skin... Just enough fat... With soft and supple muscle on the inside...
sfx: blush
4: This stomach...
5: is what I've always been searching for!!

1: I still remember the shock I felt when I first saw her radiant belly...
2: It's a baby sheep!
sfx: shiver shiver
3: A newborn baby sheep!!
4: I'm a goat.
sfx: shiver shiver
5: I was so moved that I couldn't stand up, so I had to crawl home...
6: I wanted to see Queen Durandalla's stomach up close,
signs: Guts / Victory / Success
7: so I studied for the difficult Duran Castle entry exam...
8: And now, I can touch her stomach with my own two hands!
9: I feel so happy!
10: I can't believe I actually get paid to be close to this stomach!
11: This job is a dream come true!!

sfx: stare
sfx: Ahh
1: What are you doing?
sfx: stare
2: I...
3: I...

1: I was afraid your stomach was getting cold,
sfx: drip
2: so I was rubbing it for you.
3: You're such a good butler!
sfx: glomp
4: I love you!
sfx: rub rub
5: I like how oblivious she is, too..


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