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Lady Tsunatori Chapter 3

64-1: Lady Tsunatori
64-2: Chapter 3

65-1: Nishidai, huh...
65-2: flash
65-3: Nishidai
65-4: (Elementary) 4th Grade
65-5: Nishidai
65-6: (Elementary) 5th Grade
65-7: (Elementary) 6th Grade
65-8: You mean that 3-times consecutive children’s Sumo champ?
65-9: Ohhh...
65-10: You really are maintaining a good physique.
65-11: Why is someone in such high demand knocking at our door?
65-12: We aren’t exactly a strong stable...
65-13: Because I want to follow in the steps of my idol!
65-14: fwip

66-1: Minato Ao...I mean, Coach Hamamatsu!
66-2: Me?
66-3: You never once pulled back in a match,
66-4: and you were humble whenever you lost.
66-5: I admired you for being a Sumo who never gave ground!
66-6: But you know I never rose beyond Juryo rank, right…?
66-7: Surely there are better Makuuchi*-division wrestlers…?
Makuuchi: the top division of Sumo rankings, starting just above Juryo-rank.
66-8: No way!
66-9: You came so far without a single injury, that’s top-tier!
66-10: Absolutely!
66-11: I’ve decided I want to join a Sumo Stable once I graduate junior high!
66-12: Please, allow me to join the Hamamatsu Stable!
66-13: Hey, you hear that?
66-14: Oh pretty please...

67-1: Don’t need him.
67-2: He’s a little fatty.
67-3: DOOOOM
67-4: badump...
67-5: Wh, who gives a crap about what type you like!
67-6: A hopeful prospect finally came our way...
67-7: Hey, pay her no mind, Nishidai, I’ll introduce ya!
67-8: Why don’t we throw you in with the training crew?

68-1: Oooogh!
68-2: thwack
68-3: Good job Nishidai! You’ve got strong fundamentals, as expected!
68-4: hagh
68-5: hagh
68-6: fwsh
68-7: fwsh
68-8: pheeew
68-9: G’mornin’.
68-10: yaaawn
68-11: Morning!

69-1: I’ll introduce you.
69-2: This is Fujihara.
69-3: Heyo.
69-4: He’ll also be joining the stable starting today. Treat him well!
69-5: Who in the?
69-6: Oh yeah, he’s been here since last night.
69-7: Could he be her boyfriend?
69-8: Don’t be stupid! Ms. Tokiwa’s manager now
69-9: pst
69-10: pst
69-11: pst
69-12: Kimura! Put a Mawashi* on him.
Mawashi: A Sumo loincloth.
69-13: Roger!
69-14: pst
69-15: pst
69-16: Not even retirees have that build.
69-17: 75 kilos.
69-18: You’re slim! What’s your weight?
69-19: I get it! He’s hoping to be a trial member.
69-20: pst
69-21: pst

70-1: thwack
70-2: thwack
70-3: thwack
70-4: Hey, are you all warmed up yet? I’m ready for ya!
70-5: Ah, let’s hold off on this one!
70-6: I’ll get you someone else to spar.
70-7: What?!
70-8: Looks like this guy’s gonna get special treatment.
70-9: Oops!
70-10: Can’t go talking about “tradition” or “customs,”
70-11: or that Sakurako will kick me to the curb.

71-1: How is it? A lot more comfy than boxing practice, right?
71-2: I don’t mind too much, but it is pretty easy just eating all the time.
71-3: mrrr...
71-4: thwack
71-5: thwack
71-6: Sounds about right, a guy like that.
71-7: glug glug

72-1: We’re having tempura today.
72-2: Chanko-ban
(A low-ranking wrestler in charge of food prep)
72-3: Take Ushiwaka
72-4: It’ll go well with the fresh spring ingredients we were given.
72-5: heaping bamboo shoots and wild greens

72-6: I’ll help.
72-7: Eh...
72-8: But Ms. Tokiwa is absolutely horrible at cooking...
72-9: Alright...I’ll do the cutting, so can you get the flour and make the breading?
72-10: Can do!
72-11: Whoa whoa! Stop!
72-12: Don’t scramble the eggs, mix them after adding water!
72-13: swish swish
72-14: It’s all the same though, right?
72-15: There’s an order to it!
72-16: If you change the order even slightly, the breading won’t rise the same and be completely off!

73-1: Howdy!
73-2: It’s so noisy today!
73-3: Ah, thank you for your coming by.
73-4: There’s fine for now. I’ll have the others carry it.
73-5: Fresh Eggs
73-6: Fresh Eggs
73-7: Organic Vegetables
73-8: Delicious Rice
73-9: 30kg
73-10: Heeeey, new guy!
73-11: I’m rootin’ for ya, Ms. Manager!
73-12: Thanks! ❤
73-13: Ooph!
73-14: Eggs
73-15: Eggs
73-16: Vegetables
73-17: Rice
73-18: Agghh, stop stop! You’ll hurt your back!

74-1: ……
74-2: Jeez...
74-3: Go help him!
74-4: smack
74-5: Awright!
74-6: Organic Vegetables
74-7: Eggs
74-8: Eggs
74-9: Eggs
74-10: Hey hey heeeey! You’re gonna crush the eggs!
74-11: They’re fine!
74-12: Vegetables
74-13: Eggs
74-14: Eggs
74-15: If you carry the light materials underneath, they’re closer to the center of gravity between you and the cargo.
74-16: The body’s center of gravity
74-17: The cargo’s center of gravity
74-18: So it’s easier to carry this way.
74-19: Huh...Huuuh.

75-1: That’s his logic? Was he a science student?
75-2: How do you know those kinds of principles?
75-3: Most people would want to carry lighter materials on top.
75-4: Vegetables
75-5: Well, my grandpa was always nagging me about it.
75-6: If you ruin your back, you’re done for!
75-7: Especially about carrying things and posture.
75-8: I became a master from helping him with farming and snow removal at his property in the Nagano countryside.
75-9: If you damage your back in snow country, you can no longer remove snow, and it’ll cost ya your life.
75-10: That’s it, that’s it, drop your hips! Don’t bend your back!

75-11: Ah, alright.
75-12: Snow country...
75-13: Were skis required too?
75-14: I’m pro at skiing and snowboarding!
75-15: Sledding too.
75-16: Hmmm, so...

76-1: A few days later...
76-2: I’ll go tour the countryside now.
76-3: Be sure to train hard.
76-4: The entryway
76-5: I’ll be here, it’ll be fine!
76-6: grin
76-7: I’m the most worried about that!
76-8: That’s what you’re most worried about?
76-9: Huh? Did I say that out loud?
76-10: Tricked you. I figured that was what you were thinking.
76-11: !!
76-12: Ah, no, uh...
76-13: I’ll take Ko Taishu and Nishidai with me, so you’ll have to take care of the place for two weeks.
76-14: Alright, we’ll be back soon!
76-15: bow

77-1: Ehhh…
77-2: *ahem*
77-3: Well then, with the coach out for a week, I’ll have to make sure you’re all properly training.
77-4: For starters...
77-5: DUUUN
77-6: ...your diet.
77-8: Uhhhhhhh...

78-1: 2 Weeks Later...
78-2: Wha...
78-3: What’s wrong, you guys…?
78-4: We’re completely beat...
78-5: bluuurbl
78-6: Cooaach...
78-7: Waagh
78-8: The manager is so cruel!
78-9: She wouldn’t let us finish all of our chanko-don...
78-10: ...but she let Fujihara eat to his heart’s content!
78-11: She’s playing favorites!
78-12: Hng!

79-1: What’s this all about, Sakurako!
79-2: eck
79-3: I was just trying to toughen them up.
79-4: Stop talking nonsense!
79-5: Uh-oh……
79-6: I usually just eat as much as I like, I figured the others were getting their fill as well...
79-7: Do you suppose she’s trying to slim someone down to make a good sparring partner for Fujihara?
79-8: pst
79-9: Sakurako!
79-10: You should be more fair in your training and lead more fairly.
79-11: I can’t stand it anymore!
79-12: How much value do you think this Fujihara has?!
79-13: snap
79-14: I’m the one who can’t stand it anymore! YOU FAT SACKS OF CRAP!!!!
79-15: gwaahh!
79-16: hnnng

80-1: I’ll prove it to you. I’ll show you how much potential Fujihara has.
80-2: Nishidai, step up to the arena.
80-3: !
80-4: Fujihara's still not taken any proper Sumo training yet.
80-5: Only the basic Shiko* and shuffle-step.
Shiko: The ceremonial Sumo leg-raising and stomping
80-6: But he’s still more than capable of beating Nishidai.
80-7: Eh!
80-8: There’s no way! She’s grossly underestimating Nishidai!
80-9: Don’t hold back anything! Let’s make her eat those words!
80-10: There’s just no way! I’ve not even learned a single thing about how to wrestle...
80-11: It’s fine, just do as I say.
80-12: You were a boxer before, right? So mrglrrlgrl...

81-1: Look at your opponent…
81-2: Begin!!!!
81-3: Uhhh, first was...
81-4: A hook to the side of his face.
81-5: smack
81-6: Make sure it’s open-handed.
81-7: Huh?!
81-8: Nice!

82-1: wobble
82-2: thmp
82-3: shoom
82-4: Next was...
82-5: Grab behind his head...
82-6: grng
82-7: ...and pull him down.
82-8: shwsssshhhh
82-9: …...hk!

83-1: How cowardly!
An open-hand slap into a drag...C’mon!
83-2: Nishidai is still only a junior high school student!
83-3: And?
83-4: Open-hand slaps are forbidden in junior high school!
83-5: Yep.
83-6: I figured he’d be in the ring with someone unaware of the technique.
83-7: She’s a demon...
83-8: But that’s not all.
83-9: The difference in their reach.
83-10: Whether they were to meet with hands or torsos first,
83-11: Fujihara would always strike first.
83-12: And in that instant, Nishidai faltered, and he slowed down.
83-13: When that happened, Nishidai overcompensated with excessive force.
83-14: shoom
83-15: I admired you for being a Sumo who never gave ground!
83-16: From there, once Fujihara pushed Nishidai’s head and pulled him through, with his height difference and his versatility,
83-17: Fujihara could easily topple Nishidai.

84-1: Fujihara’s height of 190cm makes him versatile, and his center of gravity is lower.
84-2: Because of his short legs...
84-3: His sense of tempo and intuition were honed in the boxing ring.
84-4: His lower body was tempered by snow removal and skiing.
84-5: These are the qualities with which Fujihara has been endowed.
84-6: But he doesn’t have the weight! That’s a crucial weapon!
84-7: It’s well-known that even a 10kg gain can mean a difference in rank!
84-8: If weight’s an issue...
84-9: sheen...
84-10: ...he can still gain it later.

85-1: Yeah!
85-2: Ushiwaka, you told me while you were making tempura, remember?
85-3: Ah!
85-4: There’s an order!
85-5: Because their physique was adequate, they relied on their power, not technique.
85-6: Eggs
85-7: Eggs
85-8: Vegetables
85-9: Even while training, it was all brawn, no brains.
85-10: On the other hand, those who couldn’t match weight were forced to test other means to challenge the heavier competitors.
85-11: Angle of attack, position, withdrawal speed, timing...
85-12: These wrestlers devised methods to precisely exert their force on their opponents.
85-13: I see!
85-14: If a Sumo applies the proper technique, and gains the weight as well...
85-15: ...he can achieve greatness!
85-16: In actuality...

86-1: ...more than 90 percent of the prior Yokozuna...

87-1: ...began their Sumo careers under 100 kilos.

88-1: And the wrestlers who won the children’s Yokozuna rank…?
88-2: Ms. Tokiwa...
88-3: smack
88-4: smack
88-5: None succeeded.
88-6: …...I……
88-7: fwip
88-8: I’ll lose weight!
88-9: grin
88-10: Like I said.
88-11: I don’t need fatties.
88-12: Chapter 3: End


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