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StatusTranslator,Lettering Group
Country Germany
Latest ReleaseDie Agentur
Number of Releases24

I am a hobby translator and university student. I've already posted some translations on managahelpers.com and hope, I will be helpful to the rise of manga reborn.

Latest News

  • 05/18/2011 14:46 2 Comments


    I have a lot of time and since I have translated all that is up here so far, I am bored now...^^


  • 05/23/2011 21:29 0 Comments

    Site Translation into German

    I am almost done with the translation of the site into German (about 1450 lines left).

    So is there anyone, who wants to proofread it, as far as possible. Since I know that we are only going to see,...

  • 07/25/2011 07:43 3 Comments


    Tomorrow I am moving to Switzerland, since I am going to study there. That's why I might have no Internet for some time, but as soon as I have Internet, I'll be back on the site to translate and...

  • 02/13/2014 06:41 0 Comments

    Finally back!

    I don't know how it happened, but I somehow forgot abput this page, that's why I was so quite for such a long time.
    But luckily I found the site again and now I can get back in action!
    Btw, I am very...




Elanor Pam 05/18/2011 19:41 [Bored^^ comments]


You, sir, are far too competent.

GEshode 05/18/2011 19:44 [Bored^^ comments]


Not really, I just have too much time...^^ But thanks for the compliment...^^

But during the next days I want have so much time, since I have some work to do...

But I guess the next release of your manga will be earliest in some days from now... So a lot time for me to prepare^^

Elanor Pam 07/26/2011 10:53 [Moving comments]


I hope your move goes smoothly! :D

GEshode 07/27/2011 14:35 [Moving comments]


Thanks Lady.

I am not in my new home, yet. But I am already in Switzerland after a loong drive...^^

I guess the move in to the house will be fine, too.

GEshode 08/05/2011 15:55 [Moving comments]


So now I also have internet in my new home and the translations should be coming again, soon.


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