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Thumb Thread AuthorOrionaut
Thread TitleHow'd Comitia go for you guy's? Icon English
Date Created11/19/2012 21:55

I hope it went well.

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While I personally wasn't able to make it myself -- Rachelmas drafted a great report over on the official MR tumblr. Check it out here!

There are also many more pictures on our facebook page, so give those a look over as well :D

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When I'm able to actually finance a ticket, I'd like to go when things are calmer and settled more. The harder part I suspect will be learning the language. As difficult as this is to believe, I didn't know this was actually a thing. Comitia I mean, not learning Japanese! : D

One barrier might be my sensory overload. I never could handle crowds very well. Or even, like, excessive visual stimulation.

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