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How do I add a localized file?

08/08/2012 01:42

NOTE: Before beginning any sort of lettering project, please read through the MANGA REBORN Scanlation Standards located on the forums. Please understand that any localization which does not follow MANGA REBORN's quality guidelines is at risk of being denied. Thank you.

First, to submit a localized file, you need to register as a lettering group. Then, find a manga you'd like to support and request permission to letter it by clicking the "Letter" link in the top right corner of the manga's description. Once you've received permission to localize the work (which, depending on the artist, could be instantaneous) you'll be able to upload a localization. From your "My Page," click on the "Publish" button either on the far left side of the grey menu bar or from the yellow buttons on the right side of your screen. Select the "Localizations" tab and then click the blue button beneath the lettering group of your choice (should you belong to multiple) to upload your localized file. Your file will be viewable by the public as soon as it has received approval.