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What is Manga Reborn and how is it different from other sites?

08/08/2012 14:02

Manga Reborn's goal is to not only provide fans of manga a chance to view work that they would not normally be able to view or buy, but also provide Artists with the ability to dictate how their work is viewed and distributed across the internet.

Unlike other online manga sites, Manga Reborn offers the artist the unique ability to have their work translated and lettered into different languages by the community in order for them to reach a much larger audience. As well as give them the ability to choose the price and how they want to sell / distribute their work. Or they can just be published and viewed for free. It’s entirely up to the artist.

For more information regarding this and the site in general, you can view our About, Publishing, Support Artists pages or contact the site directly through the Contacts page.