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What are the rules of this site?

08/08/2012 14:14

For Content:
• No Stealing: The work must be yours.
• No Porn: It can't be hentai (It can have adult themes and be labeled as such, but strict hentai isn't allowed)
• Know Your Contract: You must have permission to upload the work. (If you have agreements with publishers that don't allow it, then we can't accept it.)
• No parodies: All characters and stories must be your own creations. Or, you must have permission beforehand, clearly stating that you can use another’s characters and ideas.

General Rules:
• No Bashing: Please be respectful; refrain from non-constructive criticism, flaming, and overly aggressive language.
• No Spam: Please try to avoid posting any comments that do not contribute to the general topic at hand.
• One Line Posts: Please avoid one line posts, post fragments, and any posts that look more like chat messages or tweets.
• No Hentai or Porn: Please do not post links or discuss pornographic material, including hentai manga.
• For Profit Links: Do not post links to for-profit download sites without providing a non-profit alternative.
• No Cracks or Warez: Please do not link to any software piracy sites or post any cracks, warez, or serials. This rule will be strictly enforced.
• Duplicate Accounts: Manga Reborn allows one account per member. If there is an account or log in issue, please contact an administrator.